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KidZ Essay Contest to WIN a Book Deal 

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Teaching English to Spanish abroad
Enseñarle Inglés a Español
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Our Vision

   Our Vision is to offer this opportunity to the youth in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding Counties. As well as Richmond, Virginia, and its two close-net surrounding counties such as Henrico, and Chesterfield County. By doing so, we can collectively take back the communities and stop the death and suicide rate from rising by giving the children in every community a platform to pull out their creative side and give them HOPE for the future. We can save the world one life at a time by being the Village that bridges the gap of lost children by providing a safe haven for their mental, physical and emotional well-being. This will create healthy stable environments, better homes, and better relationships among our youth, siblings, peers, parents, and teachers.

Our Mission

 Our mission here at Project Kidz, Inc is to bridge the gap between single parents, and lower/ middle-class families with affordable quality in/or after-school non-traditional learning programs. We offer a variety of programs that serve community members of every age and background. Most importantly teaching our youth by way of the arts of entertainment, in addition to such a program, we’ll also conduct a skill-set application to explore 6month internship options for the youth who may be interested in becoming standard business owners by way of learning different skills/trades. Our goal is to foster a commitment to young people that will promote pro-social friendships, and strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope for the future.
We also strive to support our local and surrounding communities with disasters and or other life essentials needed to survive or rehabilitate. With your donations we can assist hurricane victims, flood victims, those who've been relocated, victims of homelessness, Teen Mothers, etc

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In addition we are also 

accepting donations to support our local and surrounding communities with disasters and or other life essentials needed to survive or rehabilitate. With your donations we can assist hurricane victims, flood victims, those who've been relocated, victims of homelessness, Teen Mothers etc. Below items are now being requested for Hurricane Ida victims, where families are without power, having flood damage, stores are closed, and schools are closed. 


Please email us if you're looking to physically ship or donate the items listed above. For cash donations please click the link up the above on your top left. 

Accepting Donations


10 cases of water

10 packs of toilet tissue

10 packs of paper towel

20 gas cans

20 tarps

30 canisters of disinfecting wipes

30 boxes of garbage bags

Nonperishable foods

Clothes (socks, t-shirts, jeans, slacks, dress shirts, and undergarments) coats, shoes ( work boots, dress shoes, sneaker), and blankets.



Where Each one Teach one to grow in a positive way, by the way of experience and the arts of entertainment


Project Kidz, Inc is an Alanta based NonProfit Organization that focuses on the growth and development of all children and teens as well as young adults up to 21 years of age. The Owner is originally from Richmond, VA, but currently reside in Atlanta, GA. She created this program to teach children within the Atlanta area how to choose life, by way of understanding the fundamentals of owning a business and the arts of entertainment. This is why we strive to assist with the growth of the childs mindset and motor skills, because she knows first hand what it feels like to grow up in a poverished area as well as coming from a broken home and creating a way.


  After watching the news, researching the statistics, the death rate/age pertaining our youth she was heartbroken. Then seeing people she knew experience their greatest losses within the streets of Richmond, VA she decided to band together with like minded individuals who had the same passion for change. Our youth alone are at risk, the homicide rate is at 92% and 91% are black with ages ranging from 12-24 and this will continue to be the leading cause of death if we don’t step up and create a change. This is a Worldwide epidemic that we cannot handle on our own. At PK we believe that if you change your attitude, you can change your life.  We’re asking for a chance to make a difference and show people and children how to do just that. However, we can’t do it alone, but together we can accomplish anything.


We all know that if each one teach one we can all reach one, but teamwork is what makes the dream-work. So if we keep in mind that it takes a village to raise a child. Together we can be that Village. Let’s stand together and take back our communities and our youth that reside in it.

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Raising Hands

Project KidZ Virtual Book Publishing Offer

Summer 2023

Contest Rules are Basic and listed below.


1. Must be located in Georgia or Virginia.

2. Must be between the Ages of 5 to 17.

3. Must be in school.

4. Must be able to write a full essay.

5. Must be from a poverty area within the two states. 

6. Must submit Essay and complete contest form below. 

7. Essay must be linked to you or your parents social media page for public Annoucements as we will tag all winners. 

NOTE:  Please View Additional Terms and Conditions Below.

Essay topics can be general but let’s focus on how we can better assist YOU our youth. Stop the Violence, Bullying, better education and etc.

We want to hear your VOICE!!!

Enter Contest

Here's your
chance to win!

Thanks for submitting! We'll let you know if you win.


Keep it moving Coming soon movie poster.

Movie Stars of Tomorrow "A Project Kidz Workshop"

Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week 

We're offering Film Classes and Film/Television training to kids. During Kids TV Filmmaking class, students learn professional camera, lighting and production techniques from professional filmmakers as they work as a team to bring their story ideas to life. The students produce, film and star in their own video projects. At the end of the semester, family and guests are invited to a movie premiere.

Techniques Learned

-- Camera Basics: Functions & Settings
-- Advanced Camera Shooting: Shots & Framing
-- Lighting Basics
-- Producing
-- Selecting Locations & Project Management
-- Assistant Directing
-- Film Crew Dynamics

Project KidZ of RVA First Auditions out of Richmond, Virginia (New Talent on the rise) 

Dominique as Ronnie
Dwakee as Richy
Tiffany as Taryn
Jaelin as Rico
Anthony as Craig
Additional Programs Available

Other 12-week Programs will become available per the program's growth and staff availability. A brief future program list is provided below.


The Art of Cooking - Program will provide 12 / 15-minute healthy dinner and dessert recipes the entire family can enjoy.  The children will learn to prepare and fix meals. Parents are welcome.


Money Management – The program will provide an understanding of Money Management and a Quick view of Financial gain versus Loss, Budgeting, and Living versus LIVING.


The Beauty of Art – Program will provide children to work with an actual artist who paints and/or draws pictures and sculpts and molds with clay.


Environmental Care / Landscaping – This will provide the children who love the earth to have a chance to learn more about air pollution, recycling, planting crops, cleaning up their community, and understanding the cost of loitering.



Project KidZ, Inc offers our Pre-K through 2nd-grade students free access to virtual learning, study guides, and classes as well as free software for the duration of the school year via our Partnership with Age of Learning ABCmouse software. 

Ask about our Financial Aid Assistance

We also offer additional learning enhancement software such as

My Math Academy &

My Reading Academy is provided by Age of Learning from the creators of ABCmouse with paid Tuition. 

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The story from the start:

Kindergarten Kids doing their Shapey Dance Party dances when they accomplish 15 minutes of play in My Math Academy:

Check out My Math Academy for yourself

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